How to choose your RÉUNI clothing size ?

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Five ways to find out your RÉUNI size

1. Intuition

Réuni clothing sizes are normal, so we always advise you to take your usual size. 

If you are between two sizes, between a 36 and 38 for example, we advise you to choose the smaller size.

We give you more recommendations directly on our product pages.

2. With a size chart :

Before we go any further, here's a quick explanation: 

  • Our top pieces are cut in S, M, L or in 38, 40, 42... 
  • For the bottoms, trousers, skirts, etc... they are cut in 36, 38, 40... And the jeans are American sizes: W26, W27, W28...

In this table, we show you the size correspondences. For example :

  • Ex.1 : If you are a size 40, we advise you to choose a size M
  • Ex. 2: If you are a size 40 in trousers, we advise you to take a size W30 in jeans, which is the equivalent.

Tops size equivalence (on mobile you can zoom in ;)

Equivalence of bottoms and jeans clothing sizes

3. With a tape measure by taking your measurements on the skin

For the more patient among you, ask the most meticulous person you know to take your measurements. We asked our model Michaël to explain how to take them : (remember to activate the English subtitles from the YouTube settings :)

Please refer to the tables below to find out your size. We use these measurements to create the sizes for each of our pieces.



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